Business Web Site

Let us help put your business on-line. If you have a business then it is time to consider an on-line presence. Having a web site on-line is critical to business today and can mean the success or failure of your business. We support manufacturing, small offices, radio stations, and all kinds of business web sites.

Church Web Site

We have been actively serving the Lord's church since 2001. We have affordable web hosting for members of the church and feel comfortable that we do not cater our services to companies we feel conflicts with our Christen values.

Non-profit Organization Web Site

At Palomino Solutions we provide hosting to several organizations and groups. Our fulling managed sites help you get noticed on-line. Today it is important for community festivals and organizations to get identified on-line, be appealing to web surfers, and easy to navigate to get people to visit your community.

Cloud Data Storage

Today, data stored on PCs and servers are more valuable then ever before. Several environmental, computer issues, computer viruses, and national disasters can make companies lose millions of dollars worth of data. Protect your business and your data by eliminating the risk with our off site remote data backup solutions. Let us help protect your business and your data with our secure off site data solutions.r.

Cloud Church Management

Get your church setup on-line with a church directory and several predefined administration content that make church online experiences easy to maintain.

Community Management

Discover the most advanced community management and engagement platform for your local community and or economic development center.

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